Live Blackjack: features and nuances of the game

In modern days, virtual clubs have successfully replaced all closed land-based casinos, in addition, they offer a huge range of games from well-known slot machine developers. Despite the popularity of simulators, table games are still in demand, among which it is necessary to highlight online blackjack.

What is Live Blackjack?

Best live Blackjack online USA is a unique opportunity to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of gambling clubs at home.

This is a game with a live croupier who, using video cameras and live broadcast, conducts real distributions. During the game, you can ask the croupier questions online, which eliminates the risk of broadcasting a pre-filmed video. For the first time, live dealer blackjack appeared after all real gaming clubs were closed, when the developers of virtual casinos, taking the opportunity, created Live games for players. They combine all the advantages of virtual and land-based gaming establishments. Thanks to communication with a Blackjack live dealer through video cameras, you can feel the atmosphere of being in a real gambling establishment.

Blackjack at the casino

Blackjack is a game with very simple rules that can be mastered in just a couple of minutes. So it is not surprising that it has become (along with roulette) the most popular entertainment in the casino. Players have only a few options:

  • Refusal. If you have a very weak combination in your hands (for example, giving 15 or 16 points), and the dealer has the strongest (ten – you can’t give up against an ace), you can refuse to play live Blackjack online. But only at the very beginning of the distribution, when you received two cards from the croupier. In this case, the draw ends for boxing, and you lose half of your bet. The option is not available in all casinos;
  • Separation (split). When two identical cards are in hand, they can be separated. A separate bet is paid for the second place. It always makes sense to do this when you have two aces. In the event of a split, they can collect 21 points already with the help of one ten. True, in this scenario, the collected combination will not be considered blackjack – if you win, you will receive a standard payout, and not 3 to 2, as usual for live Blackjack free. Also, experienced players share eights in almost all situations. But sharing two “pictures” is a very bad idea;
  • Doubling. Risk, which can sometimes be a great idea – for example, if you have 10 or 11 points from the hand. Then you double down, get another card, and hope to beat the dealer. The ideal situation for a “double” is when you have 11 and the dealer has a very weak card, which he will often bust (5 or 6);
  • Insurance. The opportunity that opens when the dealer has an ace up. You pay half of the bet, and if the casino representative has a blackjack, you get a double payout. The dealer will rarely collect the nuts, so insurance is obviously a negative undertaking. Using it, you will simply give money to the casino;
  • Equal money. Another opportunity to play live Blackjack, but in the case when you managed to collect blackjack yourself, and the dealer has an ace open. If you agree to take even money, you get the standard payout (not 3 to 2). As with insurance, this is a negative strategy that the casino offers you out of the goodness of your heart.

Rules of the game

The winner is the one who has collected more points than the dealer, but did not exceed 21. Also, if the croupier goes over, you win with any hand. First, each of the players makes a bet (bet) – this is how he shows that he starts the game. Several guests can play at the table at the same time, but they are not rivals. Their opponent is only a dealer.

How to play Blackjack with a real dealer?

In order to become a member of live Blackjack USA, you need to register on the casino website, create your own account and an account that will need to be replenished for bets. It is also needed to withdraw winnings. Almost every gaming club has a section of games with real dealers, in which you need to choose live Blackjack. After these manipulations, a real gaming room with a live croupier will appear on the screen, who will accept bets, distribute cards and answer questions from players. The distinctive features of live Blackjack online USA include:

  • all actions of the croupier are recorded by video cameras and broadcast online;
  • thanks to the live broadcast, the dealer will receive information about the bets of the players, the draw of cards, and so on;
  • the game is played online.

Plus, best live Blackjack allows you to play with several players, between whom it is possible to communicate via chat.